Thursday, January 29, 2009

Semi good news

Well I went for an MRI scan today because I had a very mini egg on my head yesterday and it was quite sore. I am so pleased because there doesn't seem to be any growth since the operation. PLUS it looks like what was thought to be a grade 3 is actually scar tissue! So we are still dealing with a grade 2 (benign) YAY YAY YAY.

I am still going for treatment assuming it was a grade 3. The bad news is that my tumour seems to track over the optic channel which is a problem, but as I said, it has not grown!! I believe it will stop growning - I should hope so with 10cm x 10cm radiated area!!


Anonymous said...

That is SUCH wonderful news, Dee. This is certainly a step by step process... will be good to know how much chemo can be reduced or stopped!
Lots of love
Your normal, ordinary, happy Mom (!)

Barb said...

Grade 2 - that is the best news ever. No further growth since the suregery - fantastic.

Praise the Lord.

Dee, I honestly believe that it is your positive attitude, great sense of humor and faith that have got you though this and will get you to the goal line. You are an amazing person - keep doing what youa are doing.

love you.

Anonymous said...

Great news !! surely the news can only get better and better ! 2 weeks to go - im sure u cant wait !!! look forward to cing u soon.

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