Thursday, January 15, 2009

Understand your body

Ok this afternoon the tiredness hit me like a wall! Wow... I had a great nap. And guess what - patches of hair have started to fall out where my scar is. The problem with radiation is that you only loose hair in patches. For me this is going to be all over! Yes I have ordered a wig. I am tempted to order various styles for my mood!

I actually started laughing when it happened! It is so weird. I am surprised that it hasn't upset me. My consolation is that if it can kill my hair it can kill my tumour. Why can't I rather loose the hair under my arms?

While reading another blog, I found a really interesting story. A guy by the name of Ben Williams was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme tumour (this is the most malignant and most people only survive 6 months) He is a professor of psychology and started to look at how he could treat himself. While taking chemo, he added a concoction of other substances as part of his treatment. He did his research and 13 years later he is still going strong. What an inspiration. You can read the story on He has also written a book.

The doctor said to me that because so few people get brain tumours, they don't know enough about it, treatments or medication. We are all individuals and react differently. I know this from all the allergies I have had through this. It has made me realise that we all have the resources to help heal ourselves. We know our bodies best. I really do believe this and this is why I surf up a storm on the internet (like I said I should have shares in Google) I am not saying ignore the doctors or professionals, rather work with them, extending whats possible. What a hard task!

Now I have a challenge, I believe that my tumour is linked to my allergies. This is not documented and the doctors don't think it is relevant, BUT according to my blood tests I have a high count of eosinphils (a long story). So the most I can do at this stage is to try watch my diet. If it makes a difference then I can take it further. (ie if it helps with seizures, headaches etc) I am also allergic to just about everything ... anyway a few challenges at a time - I hope I can stay awake!

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