Monday, February 2, 2009

A beautiful vein

I must say that being told that I don't have any grade 3 tumour has made me feel like it has all been worth it. It has given me new hope on life. I only have 2 weeks left of radiation and then that is the end of that chapter. Yay. I can't wait to get back to normal - by normal I mean 5 years ago. I believe that prayers do work.

I have to go for DNA testing to see if I have a gene defect. This is done in the UK and my tissues will be sent from Cape Town. It is recommended that I do this because full chemo. If there isn't a defect, then the chemo tablets over the next few months will probably not be effective.

Last week when I had the MRI, they injected contrast. It was not fun to go through and painful. They couldn't get it into the vein properly. So I have a bruise. All I could think of was the people going on IV treatment. I still get a pain thinking of it.

Today I had my usual weekly blood test and was dreading going. I told the lady that took blood that it was sore last week and I had a tough time. She said she couldn't understand that because I had such a beautiful vein and added that she has seen alot. No-one has every told me that before!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Doll, I will have a closer look next time! All these compliments - pretty lips, beautiful vein - what can I say - an overall beautiful person!
From your loving... doting... nah.. Mom

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