Friday, February 13, 2009

Booster fiasco II

Yesterday went much better, at least I knew what I was in for this time! So no kicking of legs and acting like a crazy woman.

In Bar's comments under the last post - she mentioned "only in Africa" That is SO true. I enjoyed watching the movie Blood Diamond for many reasons. One of those was the take on Africa. In the movie Leo says (with his really bad interpretation of a South African accent) "TIA" This is an excuse for anything and everything. It means "This is Africa" We have found this so funny.

I had an American man ask me how many people would use the software - I said there are supposed to be about 20 users but TIA - you will be lucky if anyone uses it.

When someone asks you why is the meeting late - TIA,
why is no-one at work - TIA,
why was there a strike this week - TIA,
why does our ruling party have a host of convicts - TIA
why are there people napping under the trees along the roads - TIA (this is what Sandra and Sven - my German friends - couldn't believe when they came to South Africa)

Why is the radiation machine busted AGAIN today - TIA! Yes it is busted again, so I will have to come in next week. I can't pretend that a busted radiation machine doesn't bother me... Luckily for them we all know how things work in Africa. In their favour - they have treated me with nothing but professionalism and kindness.

Some lighter news - Anastasia went to her first "Social" last night. The girls got all dressed up. James & I couldn't help but laugh at the awkwardness these kids felt and be totally grateful to be past that stage. I can still remember those horrible slow dances where you turn in a circle or sway while holding hands. James gave Anastasia a solo demonstration, she was gagging and trying to strangle him at the obscenity of the visual. James is keeping a close eye. He know what boys are like even if TIA

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Anonymous said...

That was great reading! My poor grandchild with such merciless parents!
I hope she had a great, albeit smirmish, blusing evening!
Lots of love

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