Thursday, February 12, 2009

Booster fiasco...

Yesterday I had to go into the hospital at 5pm as they had fixed their machine. They set up 2 smaller beams. I am having a 4 treatment booster in the area they felt was high grade. The set up was fine, it feels weird being moved around with a mask on and not knowing where in the room you are.

The booster radiation was TERRIBLE! They didn't tell me that it would be a 4min straight beam from the one side and 2 1/2 min beam on the other side. My radiation has never been that long in one dose. So anyway, I am lying there and it is getting hotter and hotter. I am having an absolute panic that the machine is busted and I am going to be completely brain fried. Now, I cant move my head or get up or talk, so I start clapping my hands and kicking my legs wildly. I know they have cameras in there and they can hear me. I am also panicking because the ladies working there are young and relatively new and only started half way through my treatment.

They stop the machine and come rushing in worrying that I am having a seizure! I am trying to speak via this mask and they say that this is normal for a booster and apologise profusely for not telling me. And then said I only had another 1 minute of that side and another 2 1/2 min on the other side. I calmed down a bit, it was hard because my blood pressure went through the roof!

Its funny but when my blood pressure rises, I get this stupid head clicking and I feel I get dizzy. I am really worried about the effect that it is having on my ear as it keeps buzzing. I will have to chat to the doctor about that. So my last treatment is on Saturday morning so that I don't have to go into next week. I left there feeling rattled and asked James to rather take me there these last few times. It was the first time I can honestly say I was really afraid. From now on, I am really going to say I "HAD" a brain tumour.

Oh and just from that one beam, a patch of hair stood up straight and fell out! What a fiasco!


Anonymous said...

"That's not nice" or "that's bad" as "5" year old Leo would say.
My heart goes out to you, Dee.
SO glad the end of this phase is in sight.
Holding you up in our prayers daily.
Love you

Barb said...

Only in Africa! First the machine breaks down and then they just hook you up without any warning that this session will be longer and more intense. Wow Dee you are one strong lady - I would have lost it, totally freaked out.

Thank goodness only two more sesions.

I agree with your statement " You HAD a brain tumor". Way to fight the good fight.

Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

How horrible D - sometimes medical people forget to tell us mortals what is happening as so much part of their day. Thank goodness the end is in site. Only one more sleep.
Lots of love

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