Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Counting the days

I think I need to have a counter on my website. I finish radiation new week Friday. This means I have 8 sessions left over 10 days. Just counting down is a great feeling. As nice as the people are there, I am SO ready to say goodbye.

I look like I have a split personality with one side with hair and the other without! I just turn the way that reveals my mood. BUT like I said, I don't have to do this again. Thank God for small blessings. I am ready for the big ones now...

I have been interviewed for People talk magazine. It is a local magazine and it will come out in March. I really have to look at it before he prints it because am sure talked him in circles! I will keep you updated

I have been going into the office and been busy doing a tender for a very nice IT job. While you all praying, maybe add this to the list! ;) It might be a case of "be careful what you wish for"

I just want to thank you all for the support and prayers. It has made this journey bearable and I have enjoyed connecting with so many people. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

Great to have next Friday milestone! It is hard to believe you are going thru all this stuff. Most of us dont enjoy doing a tender on a normal day!
Undauntable spirit, Dee. You are in a league of your own... guess you have noticed... and you are an especially kind, wise person.
From your 'I have been around long enough to notice these things' Mom

Barb said...

One of a kind - that is you Dee. Formost people the cup would have always been half empty - for you always half full. You have been a pillar of strength through it all, not only to yourself, but to all that have followed your journey and love you. Thank you for that.

I am counting the days with you.

Lots of love,

Sandra_B_germany said...

Hi Deirdré, we already have February again and it's crazy how quickly time flies! A few weeks ago when you started chemo/radiation, I was kind of suffering with you....I thought how long will this still take!? And now you have "only" a few more sessions to go. I think it must be a big motivation knowing you have been strong for such a long time. I know many, many people have thought / still do think of you...I believe it has given you strength and energy. But most of all it was you who has gone this way - in a way really "alone". Only you really know what it means to be there. Now you have walked a long way and I guess you are also tired, but it is not only relieving for you to hear that chemo/radiation is almost done. Okay, no doubt, you must be the happiest person knowing things have turned into a better direction. Nobody ever can tell you life is kak...just because they complain about stupid nonsense. You know that so many people's situation is not "kak" at all...they just have not gone through really tough things. Human beings are strange creatures - so many don't value what they have when they are healthy and happy. Without health you can't do anything, nobody is able to enjoy life without good health. I am so very happy and glad that you are on a very good way of being healthy again. Please write a book about your life soon! I'd like to add some coments in some of the chapters. I am glad to have met you.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Sandra, you are so precious!
And when you write your book many of us will also want to put comments in it. You have writing skills so Dee is not alone.
Lots of love
Your SA Mom

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