Thursday, February 5, 2009


I think will all the busyness going on, the tiredness has kicked in. Today my 11am I was done. Went for a nap but it didn't last long because Leo came back from school. No way was he going to let me get away sleeping. Eventually he had to be bribed to play outside with Elizabeth.

How do I bribe him? I tell him I am going to take him to Walmer Park. This is a shopping centre! He is as addicted as I am to having a coffee (milkshake) and snack and do a bit of shopping. At least I don't have to drag him along... but the pressure!! He knows how to swipe a credit card AND even signs in the signature space (he's very meticulous - not all over) He thinks if I have a credit card, I have money! All this an he is just short of 3!

PS - thanks for the lovely comments in my last post! d:)


Barb said...

Leo sounds like my type of buddy - I would love to have coffee and a snack with him at Walmer Park. I could think of nothing nicer right now.

Scary that he already knows how to use a credit card. Kids are way too smart these days.

Hope you manage to get a good nap soon.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

It has been a hectic week, Dee.
Please take it easy.
People are thrilled with your update:
- Alan and Joan send lots of love and definitely think you should send tumour off to UK.. (!!)
- Winks' group in Nature's Valley are thrilled with progress and continue to trust God for your total healing.
Alie and family in UK send lov

robert said...

Hey Deidre.

Hope the radiation treatment goes by in a flash. I know where Leo gets his buisness knowledge from....his Dad & great grandad.
Keep the spirits high and hopefully life will soon return too some form of normality after the last 2 years.

Love R & J from a cold & snowy UK

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