Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brain hole guage

I suppose not having any drama is a good thing! I felt pretty tired last night and ended up in bed at 8pm. But then again I did spent the afternoon visiting. Leo still thinks his bedtime is at 9:30pm. The earlier you put him to bed, the longer you read stories. "Puppies in the snow" is not as invigorating as it first was!

I still get treated like a bit of a baby. My Gran makes me tea and tells me I need to rest (she is 80!) I laughed because the professor at the exhibition told my grandparents to "act their age" when I told him they were over 80! No-one wants me to drive far or lift anything over 2kg (Leo is 16kg) I have never been a huge fitness person, but now I am a marshmallow. WHERE HAVE MY MUSCLES GONE? I think I need to act my age - a young 33!! (PS I can go to the toilet on my own now - unless Leo insists on joining)

My surgery scan has healed up beautifully and (if I had hair) you honestly wouldn't be able to see it. I use my brain holes to gauge if my brain is under pressure and swelling. When there is a dent all is good, when it starts protruding grab some omega 3 & vitamin E. A useful tool if used correctly (PS Don't stick your finger into a brain (burr)hole.) - Don't try this at home... at a friends house is better!

I saw a funny quote on Mark Miller's blog and thought I would share it:

"I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it."
- Charles M. Schulz


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the quote - I guess I am just hanging around then ! I wish your grandparents would act their age - they make me feel sooooo old !
Wont try the brain hole bit - may feel nothing !
Lots luv

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my previous comments went through... great read, really enjoyed it and Davina's comments. Good laugh, guys.
Hope this week turns out better than you think. Also hope nephew is on the mend and that parents are coping... all got challenges.
Lotsa love

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