Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy monday

Well seeing the doc and getting the next round of tablets. Today the chemo was so busy! I don't know what is going on there! I had to queue to have my blood tests.

James' Gran had a bad motor accident which has left her in ICU. He spent 31/2 hours in hospital with her. There is always a book of paper work. Leo was screaming with toothache today so he has to go to theatre. I am so cheesed off because I took him a month ago to see the dentist. He said I need to book sedation. Although I called twice they never made a booking. Anyway I called today and they said they can only fit him in next week. I don't know how a 3 year old can wait for a week! I am pushing to get him in sooner.

The Kohlers seem to really be supporting hospitals these days! James has become the paramedic, doctor, health care worker and who knows what else! Plus he still finds time to be an architect!

Will let you know if I manage to keep my food down this time!!


Anonymous said...

Gee the Kohlers are having a hectic time with hospitals etc. Hope you get sorted with everyone.
No more smarties for Leo!! That wont work!
Lots of love

Barb said...


So sorry to hear about Leo - poor little guy and then they expect him to wait a week! Hope you get him in sooner and they can fix him up quickly.

Our prayers are with James' Gran - what an awful thing to happen. Hopefully she will make a full recovery soon.

I know the economy is bad right now, but remember - the Kohlers do not have to fund the doctors, dentists and hospitals!!

Take care and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

You poor thing - what a time. Poor Leo - poor James - poor you - poor granny and poor brother-in-law. Thinking of you all. Special prayer for James's gran. Sleep tite
Hope food stays down.
Lots of love

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