Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to harm your brain

I got an email from Kelly Sonora with a link to an article she has written. Its called "25 surprising ways you are harming your brain". I notice that many of us are guilty or doing these things (I certainly know I fall under alot of them!) Have a look, the web address is

Not much news on the tumour front - next week is chemo and I am dreading it. One of the other blogs I am following, the guy is going on Gamma Knife. I really wish I could have rather had that. He has a grade 4 so hopefully this stops it in its tracks.

Sorry to hear about your hand Bar. It is amazing how we dont realise how much we use parts of our body until they are not there! Even trying to sleep becomes a challenge!

I am organising James' 40th birthday party in May. We are going to have a togo party and the planning is quite exciting!

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