Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready set go...

After quite a long consultation, we ended up where we started! All my blood counts are back to normal and generally I am feeling strong. It was good to talk to the doctor about the benefits vs risks. The problem with the chemo is that it seems to have no effect on a low grade tumour. The chemo is only effective with a grade 3 & 4. So my last scan showed that I didn't have high grade left. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that there aren't some hidden somewhere.

My dilemma is that it is quite alot for my body to go through, especially if I don't know if it will work or not. Even the high grade is only about 10% effective. I don't believe that I have a high grade tumour, but I think I need to take what the doctors say seriously. James & I both feel that we would rather take the safe than the sorry approach. I am on full dose for 5 days with 2 weeks break and then start again. I will take the pills before I go to bed, to hopefully lower the side effects. Also I try take them an hour after I have eaten because I find that stops me feeling nauseas. What we have decided is to try it, if I find that it is too much, I will stop.

They weighed me yesterday to see my dose... I have picked up weight according to them which is REALLY strange as I don't fit into my clothes!! So I thought it might just be that I have lost muscle tone, but muscle weighs more than fat? Maybe the scale is wrong? People always say I am really tiny. I don't feel small - I need someone to say to me "You are the same size as ..." then I will at least have some frame of reference! I was just starting to feel better, detoxing and feeling less yucky. Oh the thought of it again is terrible.

They had to order the dose so I only got it today and will take it tonight... Doc says that I will only feel the effects after a few days as the drug has to build up in my system ...wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

We wish you more than luck, Dee! May you keep up your strength, joy and humour through these times. May you and the Lord stay specially close... cos ultimately He is the Healer.
Hope you sleep well.

Barb said...


What an ordeal you have had to go through, but I am sure you and James have made the right decision. As you say, rather be safe than sorry.

I pray that the Chemo will have very few side effects and that the treatment will be over before you know it. Meanwhile, Be Good To Yourself – forget the to-do list and put yourself first for a change.

God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalms 73:26

Lots of love,

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