Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Terrible Tuesday

Just when you think you are managing, things come back with a vengeance. Last night I spent 2 hours hugging the toilet. It was terrible because I couldn't keep any anti-nauseas tablet down. He had given me something milder to take and that definitely didn't work. Eventually when I couldn't get anymore out, I managed to hold down a zofran and slept till I came to check my mail / bills (It is still the end of the month!)

I am feeling better but really don't want to have the stomach issues. It is such a vicious cycle. The doctor says that if I manage well, he will up my chemo to be 150% my body mass ratio- I thought I was on the maximum dose! What does it mean to manage well? Must I be rolling around?

Leo is fine. He will go to theatre next week. It makes me so nervous.

James' gran is still bad. She is 86 and they are not sure if she will make it. With the amount of plastic surgery she will need, we don't really feel that it would be worth it for her. She is taking along time to respond.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is alot of 'not so nice' things, Dee.
Seems some weeks are even more challenging than one would expect.
Leo should be fine. Moms always wish it was not their kids going through 'big' stuff. I remember your first injection. I so wished I could have it for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a week - horrible on all fronts for you. Your Mum also wishing she could take away your pain. Thinking of you so much - all love

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