Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 down

Well I have swallowed 9 HORRIBLE little pills and have 6 to go... Only 2 more nights left - YAY If anyone has serious diarrhoea use Zofran - IT WORKS. So well that nothing works. This idea of taking a couple of laxatives in the morning is stretching... Last night I took half a tablet of Zofran and fortunately I still feel fine today. I think that the 2 previous days of Zofran are still doing the job. I am really scared not to take a tablet because I wouldn't like that 3 hour throw up episode again. But so far - all is good.

I was also taking these detox tablets, which I stopped 3 weeks again. I honestly think that I feel better because they aren't interfering with the chemo tablets. (ie being toxic is better than not) I have done a few things differently this time around. Like I said I cut out detox stuff, I only have 3 vitamin tablets now - Vitamin E, Mixed, Omega 3. I have not always taken my full dose of anti-seizure medication. I take 2/3. I think this has all helped my body to cope with the chemo.

I try cut my sugar down - BUT - I have been craving SCONES - seriously. With apricot jam and thick cream. It was so bad the other day, James told me to get up and go to the shop. Sometimes I substitute this for donuts (which Leo calls a Go-nuts) I am also trying to cut down dairy intake because I am lactose intolerant. This is also hard because I really enjoy cheese. I bought soya milk the other day and my tea didn't taste good!

There is no way I can radically change my diet. We all watch these TV shows where obese people loose huge quantities of weight and then pick it up again. I have always believed that you can eat / drink anything as long it is in moderation and according to your needs. What I have done is eat alot more fruit and salads. I can't face cooked vegetables (my kids are happy) I don't stop myself from enjoying things, I do see if I can substitute it first. I feel that I eat well and I am well aware of building up my strength and keeping my fluids high. Last week I had a couple of glasses of wine. It was good to enjoy eating, drinking and being festive with friends. Its one of the small pleasures of life and I am certainly not going to let this tumour stop that.

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