Thursday, April 2, 2009

Better Thursday

Well on Tuesday night, I took a Zofran. It really did help. I managed to function as a normal human! Yay... Today I was a bit more tired and managed to sleep for 3 hours this afternoon. Luckily started moaning or I would have forgotten to fetch Adam! I am glad I am not working, I honestly don't know how I would cope with the kids, work, house and chemo.

I complained bitterly to my doctor on Wednesday. His response was a standard "I understand" Not quite sure about that. I keep worrying what this is doing to the rest of my body.

James' gran is still the same. I haven't heard any news on Andrew & Liza's son. Last we heard, he was struggling on the respirator. This year sure has been something else!

I have been extremely bad with cooking this week (not much has changed!) Tonight is pizza. I do force them to eat fruit to curb my guilt somewhat. (Anyway last night was fish!) I will have some form of cereal because it is less hectic at night. (Don't you envy me) Bon Appetite!

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