Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good news!

Well today I went for my check up before I start the next round of chemo - and I got GOOD news! Well as good as it gets for chemo I suppose. They are going to extend my break to 1 week on, 3 weeks off! YAY. Its because I just don't seem to be getting over the flu. I am also excessively tired. This will make my time off longer but extend my treatment time. I think its better for me to have a better quality of life during this time.

The lady administering the pills asked me if she shouldn't keep them till next week in case I take them by accident this week. I assured here that there is NO way I will take them by accident and she is not to worry! (Duh)

The other good news I got is that I have been commissioned to do 4 very large paintings for a new office block. There will be one on each floor. Its very exciting to have a little project! I went to go look yesterday and I now need to come up with a concept / theme

I am just feeling alot more positive that I can be a bit more productive during this time! Oh and tomorrow is voting day - NOW I am really hoping that things will turn out alright. As us South Africans know, Zuma is not exactly what I would call a model president. Bearing in mind his 700 criminal charges, his polygamy, he is Zulu and that he only has a grade 5 education... Well lets see how that goes! As long as he doesn't get 66% majority, we should be alright!

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Anonymous said...

I worry about you sometimes, Dee. Did they take out the measuring component? Your little project sounds enormous and a dream most artists will never have come true... now I trust that with your little project, will come just a little stress so I guess I have nothing to complain about! WELL DONE, DEE - you continue to amaze me. And with your man, you make quite a team. Lotsa love WoW

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