Friday, April 24, 2009


My Grandfather went for a MRI yesterday. He has suffered from headaches for years and they seem to be worse lately. We were all curious to see the cause. He has a few spots that they think are just degeneration due to ageing. If the spots occured in a young person then it would be a problem. Personally I think that it is due to swelling. He is as astute and fit as ever. The spots (in my unprofessional opinion) seem to be outside the brain along the frontal lobe.

It was very interesting to have a look and compare with mine. I have always felt that my (ex) tumour could be genetic as well as hormonal. This is because it is quite common to have a degenerate 1p & 19q chromosome in oligodendrogliomas. My Grandfather remembers the day this headaches started when he was 40. This could be (again my opinion) when men's testosterone levels drop.

I think my doctor may get a bit irritated by all the questions I ask and the research that I do. I am of course fighting for my life. I look at what my body is going through and feel that all of it is relevant. Doctors don't seem to agree. My tumour problems definitely came about during my pregnancies. I also feel that the stomach problems I have are linked. I have spoken to a few people who have had a tumour and they say they experienced pain in the abdomen and that is why the focus was not on the brain.

I personally think that doctors should be able to at least look at illness holistically, I do believe our bodies talk to us and we should listen.

Needless to say, I feel my Grandfather needs to be able to get rid of the headaches and the doctors should somehow help to at least stop the headaches. At least he is fine, we don't need two brain tumours in the family!

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Anonymous said...

I suppose you would still like a few more heads examined in your family!!!!!!!!! They may give headaches rather than have headaches... (yeh, yeh... for the uninitiated, my kids always thought I should have a little white jacket and a rubber room...)
Great news that Grandad doesnt have tumour... lotsa love Mom

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