Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No problems

Last night I took my chemo tablets after I had taken the Zofran earlier. I didn't get sick (bonus) My doctor told me to just take the Zofran in the evening and a laxative in the morning. Wohoo! Its like killing your battery every night and jump starting it in the morning.

My sleep was very broken. I have been having these strange memory recalls. Things I didn't remember are now coming back to me in flashes. Its odd. I have no emotional attachment to these memories, so they don't scare or upset me.

Today at 12, I was completely snapped (our slang for tired) I had a 45min nap but compared to my normal needs, wasn't enough. I did feel nauseas this afternoon. I had a smoke (don't tell anyone) It helped with the sickness and woke me up a bit. So now I am cooking for the family.

Other than that, all seems to be on track! Yay - Grin and bare it


Anonymous said...

Yeh it is all on track to the total no tumour state, Dee. Not a great journey by all accounts but you are doing a great job. Very proud of who you are! How did this apple turn out SO GOOD?!
Love Mom

Barb said...

Love your positive outlook Dee. You amaze me more and more every day.

So gald you did not have to get up close and personal with he porclain this time!

Can't remember when James' birthday is, but I know it is coming up soon. Please wish him all the best from us and party hearty.

Lots of love,

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