Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Retail therapy

No, I didn't have a personal chat to the loo last night - YAY. It is quite distressing watching your body disintegrate into cellulite. I can feel the flab all over my legs and it is not attractive. It is amazing how, within a day or 2, you can notice the effects chemo has on your body. Small little spots appear, your skin dries out ... blah blah blah

But to top it -drum roll - I started getting my infamous FLU! Yes Please! So last night I woke up to blow my nose one billion times. (Is there a Guinness record I can enter) Luckily Leo didn't let me sleep in this morning - or I wouldn't have been writing this right now :)

Anastasia & I went for some retail therapy yesterday - She was exhausted after our shopping and waiting in queues. I have to say "The bank - Aish - She is slow" - TIA (You have to be South African to understand that saying) Some little lady said it was faster when they did it by hand.

Our neighbour is from the US on business with GM. They are staying here for about 2 years. She attempted to go to the bank. I warned her against the perials associated with actually walking in there. My suggestion is to somehow find a number that is not a call centre and phone that person - arrange delivery or something

At least I know that when I am finished waiting in the chemo queue, I can go back to normal. It is as slow and frustrating as working in Africa. However, with the breaks, I notice my body improving. My hair continues to grow back and although my memory is a bit shot - I can remember my name! (And I still call my husband's name at night) So things are getting there slowly. (TIA) And this time I must make sure I have a direct line to the Creator so that I don't have to wait for a response!


Anonymous said...

Oh D you do keep me amused. Your musings so improve my day. All thoughts are with you always - you are a real tiger (with a serious sense of humour)
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I am still giggling... not a laughing topic, but a great read and very amusing, Dee.
Dad and I are sitting in Umtata.. what do you know about TIA... ?!
You need to visit up here a little more! I am sure you can relate a few very funny stories.
Half way through this week... love u lots

Sandra_B said...

I know I am not a South African (what a pity!), but I have been with you guys for a real (good) long time...and this, I would say, is almost the same. When I read your comments - no matter if they are sad or funny, I literally hear you saying those things. And it makes me feel close to you. I know the others already said it, but they are right when they say that you have never lost your sense of humour in the most serious situations. This is exactly why you haven't lost faith yet...I sometimes have no words for the feelings I have when I think about you and about it what you and your family have to go through. You are such a very highly intelligent person that thinks so logically that you always want things to be completely's not easy, not for you, sometimes not for the others...I wished I could be more of a support for you and your family. But being so far away makes me feel so useless and helpless. I think of you every single day and I so often do wish I would have stayed in PE/SA. Why did I just go. Always when I am there and see you and your family, I am so much happier than here in Germany.

I miss you so much.

Lots of love.


Deirdre Kohler said...

Hey guys
I am always happy if you are amused. Its good because I don't want you to come to my website and want to slit your wrists.

Its nearly a year since we saw you Sandra - time goes by so fast! Thinking of you - wish you could be here while I go have coffee milkshakes!

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