Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well I did my duty yesterday... it felt good. I stayed up as long as I possibly could last night, waiting for some results. But by 10:30pm there were none! So this morning I rushed to turn on the TV only to see that Zuma seems to be doing well. Well the one upside is that DA seems to have Western Cape and has really got a much bigger support base in Gauteng. It is still too early to tell as they have only counted 25% of the votes so far.

Everything was very peaceful. The ONLY recorded incident of violence in the country was in PE - it was my nanny's neighbour who left the ANC to join COPE. It seems to have been an assassination. She was quite upset this morning. It seemed to me that there was an eagerness to vote by most South Africans. They say about 80% of eligible people voted.

Having these extra "chemo free" days has been wonderful. I discussed with my doctor and he said that I can take the next round (the one after next week) after James' birthday. This way I can feel my best. At least I can negotiate with the guy. Basically I will have 5 days of chemo once a month.

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