Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dietician feedback

Well I had some "different to expected" feedback... It was not too far off from what I am doing already. A surprise is that the diet won't use roughage... Yes - no insoluble fibre - only soluble (that is the "soft" food) She thinks my system has had too much pressure and needs to be treated like a baby's (in my interpretation) She has also told me to cut out greens? I am SO not complaining!

She will cut sugars but not take it out completely. This means juice (even if it is pure and only has fructose) must slow right down. Many laxitves contain alot of sugar / sweetener, so that needs to go. She said scones are ok as a snack because they don't have alot of sugar (OH THANK YOU!)

She agreed that diet / digestive issues can trigger seizures (I know I wasn't nuts)

She will increase fats. She doesn't recommend red meat (don't really eat it anyway) Small meals are in order - which I do anyway purely because I enjoy eating! She explained that at every meal your metabolism runs for 2-3 hours. This means that if you only eat once or twice a day, your body basically stands still.

Thankfully she is going to look at a plan which will involve the whole family and make the meals practical. I can tweak a few things to suit the kids and James. I told her that cooking one meal is a challenge let alone two! She recommended some "home cooking" shops that she approves of.

Tomorrow she is going to give me the diet itself. The diet should manage my current issues and assist through chemo. I will put it on the net for you to have a look. I am quite curios! I am really happy I went. I feel so much better and less guilty about the food I eat...


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness there are people who specialise in these day to day things like... what should I eat right now?!
See you tonight. Love your
Grecian (with who knows what sort of hairstyle)
(hope the Romans wont notice), amateur photographer (who is going to recognise who anyway?)

Anonymous said...

Interesting - look forward to seeing what she recommends. See ya later.
LOL Davina

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