Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Doctor visit

Well back off to the doctor today to have my check up before I start the next round of chemo... My eosinophils are high, as usual, which means that I have alot of histamine in my system. I have been researching this and this can case serious problems ranging from stomach to intestine to others. It is caused from allergies - which I have had my entire life. The body produces too much histamine which causes swelling and can cause cell damage. There are some links to brain tumours - but I haven't researched it enough yet (believe it or not!)

My platelets are fine but have continued to drop since the beginning of chemo. Iron is a bit low - I will have to eat a bit more meat!

I spoke to my doctor and said to him that I keep going around in a constant loop of problems. He has agreed that we should get to the root of the problem. This is going to range from diet to allergies to seizures etc .I am going to see a dietician... But he did tell me (something I know) - LESS sugar... which for me means no / less CHOCOLATE - No please not that! I will also need to test my dairy...

My liver is all good! So obviously the couple of glasses of wine have had little effect. YAY! I start the chemo next Monday (after the party of course) I am only half way... Boo Hoo :(

So far I am feeling good - other than the odd bout of tiredness - all is well. The costumes for the party are going to be interesting indeed! I only have to organise the decor and then we all ready to party!


Anonymous said...

sugar is a DEFINITE no-no. brain tumors thrive on glucose. You should starve them off by depriving glucose. Also, follow an extremely low-carbohydrate diet. Carbs get converted into sugar. And don't even think about artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and splenda, they are worse than sugar. Artificial sweeteners are linked to seizures, brain tumors, parkinsons, MS, dystonias, etc. many many neurological conditions.

Deirdre Kohler said...

Thanks for that information - I am not sure who you are - but much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Good read again, Dee. It is great to catch up.. certainly cant KEEP up with you. Pity we cant call you Dr Dee as that has been claimed already in SA. Maybe Dr Tree! (Irish of course).
I am looking forward to the party... not sure bout how to handle old outfit / new cameras! Ask everyone to be ready to pose on arrival so we can get that behind us please!
Love Mom

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