Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My Grandfather went to the specialist yesterday to discuss his MRI results. As I mentioned before he has had severe headaches for a long time. When I looked at the MRI, I noticed 3 little "nodes" (don't ask for technical terms) between his frontal lobe and scull. (In the space surrounding the brain).

Anyway, he asked the doctor what he thinks of the scan... here is the essence of the conversation - in short
Doc " nothing's wrong?"
G-Dad "my Grand Daughter wants to know what those nodules are? "
Doc "dunno"
G-Dad "should I be worried?"
Doc "if a young person had them, I would probably worry, but I think it is old age.
G-Dad "what about my headaches?"
Doc " you could probably use Epilem" (I used that) "I will give you something similar.
- End of consultation

How disgusting is that? Thanks for the answers Doc, don't worry if I get brain fry or anything. You just relax while patients come to you with symptoms that require your specialist attention! This way you could earn money without actually doing anything.

I must admit, I am so tired of the medical fraternity. There doesn't seem to be any consequences. Lets say James says to a client, sorry I can't design your house because it is too completed - here is your bill.

It took them 2 years to diagnose me. Eventually my doctor put it down to stress. (AKA seeking attention) I actionally threatened my gynaecologist - who then diagnosed that it had to do with the brain. (not exactly his field!) Then I went to a brain surgeon who told me (after 2 paid consultations) - he doesn't know what that 5 x 4 x 3 grown in my head was. 3rd specialist and 3 months later - I got the news.

Even to this day I get vague protected answers. I ask questions about what my body is doing and get told that they are not relevant to the tumour. Nonsense. Our bodies are an engine that uses all its parts. One part breaks down - the whole car is affected. Eventually that part is going to cause problems in the other areas. (I don't think my logic is off) Isn't it time for proactive treatment. With all our technology and pioneering, surely doctors could be more holistic?

I have honestly leart more from the internet than the 8 doctors I have seen over the past 5 years. In fact my oncologist "chirped" and said that I am the most informed patient and probably know more about it then him. That is also the reason why I am building up a catalogue of links to sites that have really helped me in the search for answers. (what a difference the internet has made)

Anyway, enough of that. I am getting better and wouldn't have been able to do it without them. I am grateful for their skills. It is time, however, that we become informed and our doctors develop a better understanding of their patient's needs.

I have dropped my anti seizure medication dose by 1/3 (I am not recommending this to everyone) because I felt that it was increasing my toxcicity. I have done this for 10 days and it has really helped with the chemo and my general well being. If I go out I take the 1/3 dose. For me what causes seizures (again based on my personal experience) is tiredness, stress & digestive problems. I need to manage this with the help of the medication. There is always a risk that I could have a seizure. It goes with the territory.

What a long post today! Hope you all have a great day! The first full working week in a month!


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Anonymous said...

As far as the good guys go, we are living in a time of specialisation, machines that verify many things and legal threats. At the end of the day, work is work and I guess that shows up in the medical fraternity as in anywhere.
Really enjoying your write ups, Dee.
Lots of lov Mom

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