Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My hair continues to grow. The pics on the left were taken in April and then pics on the rights taken now in May. It is very funny because the new hair feels soft like babies hair. The bit above my scar and the area around my neck is basically fully grown. I just wish it could be quicker! It is not bad considering I finished radiation 11 weeks ago - just short of 3 months. I have ordered another wig. Tired of the old style! I am going back to blond! - Yes I am. Can't wait. I have decided that it would probably take another six months to a year to get a decent head of hair, so I might as well look good now! Ironically, my oncologist was very happy when I got a wig. He seems to think we should wear one to feel more confident (well at least this is the impression I got from him) I am also going to donate my wigs to the cancer foundation or to other women who want to look and feel good while going through chemo.

April 17th 2009 .......................May 12th 2009


Sandra_B said...

Amazing how fast your hair is growing back...even though I know the wig is probably still needed...no matter what - real or fake hair - you are the first blond lady I know who is smart, intelligent and elegant...not like others I've met in my live so far. Thanks for keeping all of us on track...helps us being close to you.

Lots of love.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe how fast your hair is growing ! Will look really glam in your blonde wig! Decided I looked great in a Toga when I was 21 - not sure now as shows off the saggy bits. Love the blog - first thing I do at work in the morning is check out what you are up to.
Lots of love

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