Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Have a little faith

I have this (almost superstitious) way of thinking when it comes to attitude about life. I believe that we have been given power in our words and we should not "will" negative things into our lives. This means, don't say stuff that you don't want to happen to you and say good things that can enrich your life. James & I argue about this alot because he says that he is being "realistic" about the future issues - Its kind of like having a big "The end is nigh" poster in our house.

I am specifically referring to our global market recession. It is affecting all of us, big and small. I don't know of any couple who could comfortably say to me that they are continuing as normal. It is something that James & I have to address, as I have not been working for this time which has added to the knock. We should look at it, address the risks and come up with a plan of action. (Very important) When we have done what we can, let it be. We all know that worry can make us sick.

The point of this post is to say that I believe we should be putting a little bit of positive belief into thoughts, conversations and actions. I don't see why we should only make the effort to be positive when we get sick. We should be that way about everything in our life - especially the good stuff. I don't mean ridiculously cheerleader positive. Just have a little faith, believe God will provide and express it in your life...

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