Monday, May 18, 2009

Manic Monday

As you may have seen, I haven't been on my blog for a couple of days. Friday was hectic. Travelling, flights, meetings. By 3pm, I said that was me and waited in the lounge doing NOTHING. (Being a slob) I think I must look helpless because people are always wanting to carry stuff for me (even my Mother), fix things, open jars, make me tea ... the list goes on. Not that I mind them doing it, it just makes me think I look weak. Or maybe I look like royalty - yes I think it is that.

It felt good going there it felt like I am back to normal. It is also good for people to see that I am OK. The weekend didn't slow down at all. This morning, trying to get Leo to school was a REAL challenge. At least wrestling him was exercise for my biceps.

I haven't felt sick for awhile now. It is great. I have really taken it easy as far as eating is concerned. I am not as harsh on myself with diet and pills etc. I have cake & a glass of wine now and then. The thing that is irritating me immensely is my memory. I forget names in 30 seconds of meeting someone. I loose track of what I was saying, mid sentence. When I am seeing a client, it can be scary. I walk around with paper like a nutty professor. Yes I know people say that is normal - comes with old age. I don't think 33 is THAT old! I have to keep asking James if I have told him something before, or I just forget to tell him at all. I think that is why I have to ask him every night if he loves me... So far he has responded yes everyday (well as far as I remember!) :)


Anonymous said...

Funny, Dee! I am sure the man loves you....
It is a combination of that royalty air, blonde helplessness, fragile female thing I think! My mom always looks after me and she is my mom role model, if you know what I mean so why shouldnt I look after you?
It has been hectic so please rest.

Sandra_B said... long as your mom finds her way out of Jo'burg without losing directions (and that's not always the case) to the airport, all is good! Enjoy moments like this.


Sorry Lynn, didn't mean to be cheeky.

Luv you all!


Deirdre Kohler said...

Don't worry she has the mapper with her... Not to mention I am driving! d:)

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