Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday I had a seizure. Luckily not a grand mal, but none the less, a seizure. On Monday night I was complaining of abdominal swelling and pain. Anyway, after a rushed morning, I went to the office to catch up on a few things. Within an hour, I started to feel a bit dizzy. I just ignored it. I was chatting to someone on the phone and could feel my words starting to disappear and get mixed up. I didn't know what to do when I couldn't answer, so I just slammed down the phone. Luckily I get enough warning to do something.

I walked through to James' office and he knew by the way I looked at him that I couldn't speak. I sat down and felt my ears ring really loudly, I couldn't see for a bit and then the noise went down. I still battled to speak. I would "loose" or choose the wrong word. All in all it was probably 10 - 15 minutes and then it took me recovery time.

Anyway James drove me home and I fell asleep in about 10 min and slept for nearly 2 hours (it was only 11am when I arrived at home!) By the afternoon I was feeling better, although I still had a headache. I was so upset that it had happened. It is really irritating to have your day just taken. I know what my triggers are for a seizure and I had had the abdominal pain the night before. I hadn't had any of my other triggers. So anyway I went on the internet, because I am convinced this is a trigger / aura. And what do you know? YES there is one - after 3 years of mentioning this to doctors. It is called epigastric sensation. The seizures linked with that almost pin point to me.

We I have done a whole collection of links and I am going to put it all together to take to my doctor. As I mentioned before, my body reacts in the same way all the time. I am sure it must be linked and this is important because I have a life threatening disease. Maybe I watch too many episodes of "House" because I believe that a doctor should help heal the problem and not just prescribe medication for the symptoms. Or maybe I am an "Internet Hypochondriac" - so what! I also know that I need to (reluctantly) admit that I am going through alot and I can't push myself beyond where my body can cope.

Anyway - good news. JAMES TURNS 40 TODAY... time for the "filthy fourties" (he has had some training!) Leo made us blow candles and didn't know why there was no cake. We are all looking forward to his big birthday bash next weekend. I am chatting to the DJ today to make sure we have some "old music" (80's!) It is a nice reason to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Working too hard ! Please take it easy as need to PARTY in a few days. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear James. Have an awesome day - welcome to the fab forties - I love it

Barb said...


So sorry about the seizure - you know your body best and I am glad you are listening. Work will still be there - it does not go away, give yourself some time.

Happy Birthday to James - hope the year ahead will be a really good one. We say "naughty forties" so enjoy and have a blast the next 10 years!

Take care and lots of love,

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