Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toga Party

We are really excited about this party. I have got costumes for all of us. James is Caesar and I have got a Cleopatra, the kids have nice ones too. Alot of people are worried about what to wear. The women didn't actually wear togas. Just a long dress with rope. A toga is easy, it doesn't have to be over your whole body, just thrown over the shoulder. Put some jeans under if you feel uncomfortable. Also, you can have a toga in any colour. Its fun to get into the spirit of things.

Between James' work schedule yesterday and us forgetting his cell phone at the restaurant, he didn't get to answer many calls - but KNOW, he did get them. Thanks very much!

I was fine yesterday... YAY! My Mom asked me if I can really classified myself as "disabled". In SA (and most places) if you have epilepsy (like I have from the tumour) you are classified as such. Now although I don't get it bad like alot of people, I still have it. On Tuesday, I thought to myself that for that very reason is why I am termed "disabled" If I have a seizure, it affects my work and basically I can say goodbye to the day. If it is really serious, it can affect my performance for a week. I had to watch my speech yesterday. Not being able to talk is quite scary.

Now, as much as I don't like the word "disabled", in South Africa it has a good side. Yes, you can get better job opportunities because there are quotas of how many disabled people should be employed. As a business owner you get 'points' towards obtaining contracts. On one of the contracts, I had to laugh because they were missing some of their targets for quotas... The were looking around for "get me the guy with the hand" One of our colleagues was born with a malformed arm. It is on the left side so makes relatively no difference.

I don't feel disabled but it is nice to know that we can still and are encouraged to perform in society. I have to explain to people, what to do if I have a seizure. Alot of people are ignorant. I am ignorant - watching people have seizures scares the hell out of me. I probably would have been killed in the middle ages, thinking I was possessed. But as I have said many times before, we all have our challenges ...

I had a joke on here - it is about epilepsy, I look it off as not to offend anyone - I did find it quite amusing! Sould I put it back on?


Sandra_B said...

Good morning Deirdré, good morning James!

We are really so sorry that we won't be participating on the party. I so much rather would go there than being here! James, please know that we would love to be there and we wished we somehow could have made a plan but it's just not really possible at the moment :-(

I have no idea what it is...but all your (South African) parties/big events are always sooo, sooo, soooo much different from what I know from here. Your people make parties so different and I never liked going to parties more than in SA! I have no idea why parties, weddings, etc. performed here in Germany are so...hhmmm, looking for the right words....ja, so boring, lame, without any spirit and real humour. I don't know why I say that but I have never had better memories of parties that I had in SA. Will miss it a lot to be there.

Deirdré, it's horrible that you had a seizure again...but I find it very encouraging and heartening that you literally S P E A K about's important so that nobody has to assume's also good to still be humorous in moments like this! What else can we all do!?!?!?!?, just put the joke on again! P L E A S E!

Was nice talking to you guys on the phone on James' birthday again (luckily I called just when you were on your way to the restaurant...just before James forgot the cellphone :-) )

Lovely to have spoken to the kids as well...when I spoke to Anastasia, I thought you are still on the phone...she has grown so much (giggling after I asked her about the boyfriend :-) )

Have a great weekend!

Lots of love

Sandra_B said...

..I hope my English writing is still ok...if the talking isn't that great anymore...but I do not often have the opportunity to speak English anymore...and the ones I sometimes speak to, speak worse English than me.



Deirdre Kohler said...

Your English is fine! I do laugh because when you are in Germany your English speaking is just translated German! - Kind of like my Afrikaans.

I am looking forward to the party. The kids are going to be waitrons (not Leo of course) Life is too short not to celebrate. Tell your friends to J-walk and sleep under a tree - that might liven things up in Germany - you bad bad German!

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