Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well I am off to JHB for a couple of days to meet a client. I haven't seen my collegues since June last year. Almost a year! My last flight up there was for a meeting. Within 3 weeks of that I was in hospital, vomitting from the pain and swelling in my head! They haven't seen the metamorphisis I have undergone over the past year. 3 brain operations, radiation and chemo. It is quite a surreal experience to go back, like a passage through time. Whenever I see people who don't know about my condition, I always feel a bit like "used goods" Well "whatever' we all have our issues. Mine just happens to be a big blob in my brain.

James & I have been to 3 art exhibitions in 5 days. I don't think my social life has every been this busy. It is good to see what others are up to. The exhibition I went to yesterday, the artist is 85 and has been painting since he was 17! His first exhibition was in 1944 - that takes us back! It is also interesting to see how his style and influence has changed over the years. It makes me realise that we go through life really quickly.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Sandra and Davina commenting again... I was wondering where they were and Bar,
Camilla, Bron, Mags...? You are all too busy and too quiet!!

Dee, lots going on... great - when do you get time to paint?!
You have certainly introduced Dad and I to a different outing... exhibitions!
Lots of love

Barb said...


Sorry I have been "Quiet" - but know that you are in my thoughts daily.

I can't believe you are travelling on buisiness - it just does not seem possible with all you have been through. You are one amazing person. Hope all goes well in Jo'berg and you land the job.

BTW blond suits you from the latest pictures you look as young as Anastasia. James will never have to look for a younger woman!!

Take care and lots of love,

Sandra_B said...

Hi Deirdré,

let me know if there is again good work waiting in Jo'burg again...I'd love to book my next flight would be nice working with you again.

Lots of love


Deirdre Kohler said...

You know we would love to have you! That way I can relax even more ... Maybe you should plan a trip anyway!

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