Monday, June 29, 2009

Armed robbery

Well on Saturday, my middle son Adam (he is 11years) went to tenpin bowling with his friends for a birthday party. I got this frantic call from him saying there were robbers. We were not sure what ensued during that time but we were not able to phone or go there.

It turned out that 6 robbers broke into the casino at the boardwalk. One robber got stuck in the vault and took 3 people hostage. The others ran trying to get out the service exit. When the armed robbery started, CID officers surrounded tenpin bowling (and the rest of the boardwalk) and wouldn't let anyone out or use their cell phones. The service exit is next to tenpin bowling. The kids were all evacuated into the basement and kept locked in there (we are not sure how long that was) Apparently the robbers tried to break into the building in an attempt to take more hostages. Adam says that a very large bouncer managed to hold back the door! (I think he has become an urban legend)

Anyway the police then ran through the building fully armed causing much noise. Adam was very upset and started crying. This is when Adam managed to call us. After 2 hours of negotiations, the robber let the hostages go. Luckily no one was hurt. The public were finally allowed to leave. Adam was there for just over 3 hours. There seemed to be very little news about it and we are wondering why everything is so hush hush. The story that we heard from the mom who took the kids is quite different from the newspaper article. But of course this was from a different place than the casino. Read the report on

I can't pretend I wasn't really unhappy and scared. It is just so disgusting that in this day and age people are still living like animals.


CamillaP said...

Glad to hear Adam is ok. What a dreadful thing to happen. I read the article and did chuckle as "Donald Prosser" is a doddery old friend of Glynn's who comes out here for holidays. Now we know where he wastes his cash! Love to all, CJx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - how awful. The long term impact on a kid not good. Horrible he had to experience this.
Had great weekend snuggled next to fire with lots of wine and a good book. No early morning get up this am - sheer bliss.
LOL sleep tite

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