Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chemo postponed

I went to fetch my tablets yesterday, to no avail. I can't say that I am upset that they didn't have the tablets in stock! They have just moved to a new centre and the pharmacy is busy stocking up. Needless to say, it is a bit of organised chaos going on there. People with drips, nurses running around and the place is almost impossible to find.

They need to send my tablets down from JHB. So I didn't have to take tablets last night (yay) I should get the tablets tomorrow. (Wednesday) As we were standing in the chemo room, James was looking at some of the patients (there seemed to be a lot of men yesterday) and said "Isn't it crazy that they have to poison you to heal you?" I would agree. I am doing this with such a heavy heart, every time I go there I want to cancel. I know what it is doing to my body and I just hope that it is having some sort of effect on the low grade tumour and all of this is not an exercise in futility. You have to be strong to go through chemo. I am aching to do a scan and see what the past 4 months have been doing.

Anyway, I forgot that Friday was the end of the month, with so much going on at the party, that I forgot to pay school fees! I had a call today and got straight onto the internet! (very embarrassing!) I thought my bank was looking good! Well I have alot to sort out today... before I sulk tomorrow!


Barb said...

Enjoy your day or reprieve and hopefully you will tolerate the chemo tomorrow way better than you are expecting.

Only in SA would they not have such an important medication in stock - so glad you are able to be flexible with your schedule.

Love to all.

Deirdre Kohler said...

I agree...Being a chemo centre ...I would think that they might just have a couple of pills in stock to last a day or two - but that is just me I suppose!

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