Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Diet Plan

I got the diet plan and it doesn't seem too bad. I have never been able to follow a diet. I find when I am on a diet, I think about food all the time. So what I will do is just make sure that the foods I have in my house are on the list, so when I eat, I am eating what I am supposed to, at the time and quantity I need. I usually have a snack in the morning and breakfast at about 10 - 11, for example. I am not far off on my portions, so I am not going to count out "one cup of potato"

I am putting a link up of MY plan.

Please note that this is not for everyone, but has been formulated based on my current needs, weight, height and medical situation. I am not at all suggesting that this diet will help anyone with other serious problems or problems similar to mine. (Unfortunately now days we have to say this!!)

I will need to add benefibre to the diet as she has cut out the insoluable fibre. Well now I am going to fetch a few of the ingredients needed for my diet and particularly for the crumpet recipe! You may notice I am "allowed" a scone!! OH YAY!

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