Friday, June 12, 2009

New Hair

I am feeling so much better today. I think it is knowing that I have finished another round of chemo. Also... I got my new wig and think it is great. It is so similar to my old hair style. It is just a bit more red then I was hoping. But they didn't have the other in stock so I settled for this one. (apparently it takes months to make) The hair is so soft and feels real. It blows around. I really love it. Now we know how the movie stars do it! ...Well done Revlon!


Sandra_B said...

You joking...this is a wig? Doesn't look like it - I guess it's better that way. You look fantastic...Sven even says, you look sexier than ever.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as ever, Dee.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look great. Really schoeg? spelling? and alot like your old hair style as you say. We must catch up, I have quite a lot of news...lots has been happening in our lives, but we are now moving forward. Take care, Mel

Barb said...

Love the new hair - it is amazing what a good hair day can have on the self esteem. You look wonderful.

Glad the chemo is over, even if it just for a short time. Enjoy the reprieve.

Back to work after a realy good week in Florida. I never realized just how much I miss the beach.

Craig, Barbie and Porter will be moving to Denver next month - pray for all out sanity as they will be staying with us in very cramped quarters.

Take care and lots of love,

Camilla said...

Wow - fantastic hair! Enjoy having a good hair day everyday. CJx

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