Friday, June 19, 2009

A new schedule

This week has been really busy and that feels good. Last night, I decided that during the week we are going to turn off all electronic goods from 5pm to 7:30pm. No more IPod, computer, cell phones, playstation, WII, music etc Kids must be back from friends at 6pm. I just found that things were getting out of hand with the kids going to friends and constantly preoccupied. Suppers had cell phones ringing and the TV on. This way we can actually talk, read and lay in bed. Obviously if there are emergencies or important concessions, this can change.
We will change the rules on weekends and give the kids a bit more leverage.

I just need a bit of peace in my home. I have found that my ears are extremely sensitive. I struggle in shopping centres and at movies. I think it depends on the pitch or type of noise. We also need to spend time as a family and ensure that we are connected.

Well the first 2 nights have gone well (although there was alot of moaning) The kids were counting down to 7:30pm ... lets hope we can keep it up.

Dr Dupper sent me to a dermatologist because my scars were itching when I took the chemo. I am totally fine!! Yay some good news for a change! It is amazing how it works now days. They scan your mole or problem area with a hand held device and it analyses the structure of the mole. It then gives an analysis. So no more chopping out of moles 'for just in case'.

Interestingly I have been using E45 cream on my face and body and love it. It happened after the surgery as I ran out of face cream and my skin was very dry. E45 is quite cheap and it makes my skin feel great. Now before I used E45, I was using a range of expensive creams, I went to beauty houses and had consultations etc etc. I asked the dermatologist about it and he says E45 is a great product! It holds in moisture and I just need to put a bit of sun block with it.

So there you go! During tough times there is still something cheap that works! (take my word for it) Shouldn't I be paid for this advertising??

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the last two months without too many TV options and have totally changed my reading pattern. I have read more books in two months than I usually read in a year!
Have a great day!
Mom - the I must stick to my role girl!

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