Friday, June 26, 2009

Scan booked

When I had the last debacle with the pills last month, they had booked my next appointment with the doctor and my start date for the next round of chemo on the 1st July. But I had to wait longer and only ended up taking the chemo tablets on Sunday 7th June.

I see the Doctor and go for my MRI on Wednesday 1st July. I should (hopefully if all goes well) get my tablets on the same day. I will only start the chemo tablets on Sunday. This will give me the full 3 weeks break. Starting on Sunday night was actually good because I have my last tablet then on Thursday evening. So I still have my weekend to myself. It ties in quite well because on Friday 3rd is my wedding annivesary. It feels like it has gone really quickly and yet it feels like a lifetime! We will make an effort to get away and take a night to ourselves, which is not that easy with kids, money and work.

We have been having the most incredible weather. Hail, strong winds, rain, clouds, lightning, storms .... I find it quite invigorating, but I know alot of people struggle in these conditions. Last night our garden and the golf course was WHITE from all the hail. It actually looked really beautiful. Every time the lightning struck, it would light up the entire course like a flash photograph. Its amazing how excited we get. The kids were trying to grab pieces of ice. Just the sound makes it more cold than we think. Unfortunately South Africans don't have heating systems. So we ended up with a wardrobe on and sitting next to a small fireplace. (we do have underfloor heating though) And of course we get to snuggle in bed... What could be more fun than that?!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it has been crazy weather. It is so wonderful to see pools of water and the second, smaller lake near us has water in it albeit only covering the surface!
I was taken aback that it is almost chemo time again... seems just last week you were on.
You doing great, Dee!
Love your Wearing my Wardrobe too Mom

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