Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking tablets again

Last night I took my 220mg Temador. As usual I am not happy to do it. I didn't get sick but don't feel great today. My chest really hurts, I have a stuffy headache and my lower back seems to be cramping. Don't ask me what is causing it, I don't really want to find out. I am telling you, seeing doctors can really make you paranoid. Every mark, cough, nose run, you wonder what is next.

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot go to the movies anymore. Both times I have felt as though a seizure is coming on. My eyes start twitching. After 20 min in the movies, we had to leave. I had to try prevent anything happening. The sound is too loud and the light flashes too much.

So lets see what today has in store, no plans really. I have few to-do items but pretending they don't exist. I have finished 2 paintings - which I am really happy about. I want to go see what it looks like on the wall in case I need to make a few changes.

I am thinking and praying for everyone going through financial stress. It is weighing heavily on my heart. Necessity breeds innovation...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Love hope you are managing the wave of ups and downs that chemo brings.
Glad that your paintings are on track. When do you find time to do them?!
Lots of innovation does come out of the hard times if we dont get discouraged. I think that is the major battle for many folk. I met a friend who had recently been retrenched. I could see she was feeling... female, nearly sixty and viewed as past sell by date. And what a lie. She has a contribution to give - the challenge is to find that spot!

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