Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Treatment going well

I can't believe it, but the last two days of chemo have been totally fine. I woke up feeling normal both mornings. I only took half a zofran the past 2 nights and tonight I am going to be brave and not take any. I have to try sometime. I know when I was on half dose chemo (110mg), I never took zofran. I don't know if it is the diet I am on thats helping (I am gradually getting into it). I have figured out that I need to go to bed on an empty stomach. I have been having a bit of plain yoghurt and rooibos tea about an hour before the chemo. (I don't know how scientific that is)

I have been on mixed emotions - happy that the chemo is going well and sad that I am in this situation. I had to ask my doctor for a report on my situation and treatment for my 'serious illness' Insurance claim. To get approval from insurance company, the report is perfect. To read it is not great for my self esteem. Looking at it in writing has made me realise that this is going to be a long term battle. My life, although I haven't fully thought it, has changed in every aspect. (Like I have said before - I am slow to catch on!)

So, my struggle this week has been emotional. I am feeling weak as I realise that this has and is going to continue to change my life. Its not a great thing to be hanging over your head! (so to speak :) )

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