Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are just too busy...

Well next week I have to start my next round of chemo (bo hoo) I still haven't booked for the MRI. I want to have it done before I see the doc on Wednesday next week. Otherwise times flies and we go on with all the tasks. Hopefully I can have the scan by Friday so we have some time to mull over it on the weekend (not that the weekends are any quieter!)...

I have been tired but battling to sleep. I think this is from excitement of all the things going on. By the afternoons (and sometimes the mornings) I am exhausted. When I do fall asleep, I sleep for about 2 - 3 hours. That assuming I don't just lay there with my head spinning of things to do. The 'panda eye' look is not really working with my 'not all there' hair look...

I am eagerly awaiting that last patch of hair to grow back and pushing my body to do it by the end of the month! (You go girl!) Oh I am SO craving a chocolate...


Anonymous said...

Hi Dee
I didnt realize that it was chemo again so quickly..? Is this to catch up on the original weeks?
Your head must be busy cos there is alot on the go.
What wild wind we are having today! Makes Hurricane Floyd look mild! Jokes!
Evacuated from Miami Mom

Barb said...

Slow down girl - just reading your blog made me exhausted! The energizer bunny has nothing on you, you just keep going non-stop.

Hope you get your MRI on Friday and that the results are just what you are wanting.

Thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

The Go Girl section reminds me of Leo. He says, while sitting in back seat of my car, and seeing robot (traffic light for those overseas!) changing to green GO NAN! Well, I was so surprised at big authoritive motivational voice telling me to go for it! There were about six cars in front of me. I asked: What should I do, Leo? Go over or under them? UNDER, he says!
Love from
What can a Gran do Mom

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