Monday, July 20, 2009

1 year

11 months ago I had my head shaved! An incredibly emotional time! A year ago I was hospitalised... I can't believe how quickly time goes. I worked out that I will finish my last round of treatment around the time I was in Cape Town going for my surgery. So a year of radiation, surgery and chemo. Its all quite a blur really. I must admit it does seem to stay back of mind these days as other things occupy my thoughts (which is nice for a change)

I have been so quiet because the past few weeks have just been crazy with the planning and working. It is so exciting, yet stressful, building. We have had alot of fun shopping, designing, going onsite and seeing it grow. Soon The Grove @ Green Valley Estate will be a reality. I do worry that I am doing too much and watch myself. It is a hard thing to manage. But a little voice is always next to me telling me to take it easy and think of me first.
Here are some before pics and now pics of the building progress over a week ago. (the one without the roof is the old) It may not look like anything but when you go onsite it is significant. Interiors, clean up, leveling of land, trees, herb garden ...Considering this has been done in 3 weeks!

Here are some view pics of the farm (Green Valley Estate) - pretty hey!


Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous - how exciting to have a new project - rather like a new baby - at least this one doesn't wake you at night !

Anonymous said...

Good photographer, huh?! It is very exciting. I must say when I say the roof bits going up, all of a sudden, we were on our way.
You and James have been working incredibly hard, Dee. Do you ever let up!!!! I should have known when you didnt let me sleep for the first year of your life. Perhaps one of your kids will also keep you on the go later on! Love you lots, Mom

Anonymous said...

Just one correction, Dee. First photo of Lake with Lake Farm figures is the view we have from Green Valley and isnt on the farm.
The others with kids etc are on the farm itself. Love the winter sunsets!

Anonymous said...

Topic for your talks one of these days, Dee, can certainly be What a Year! God is Great and yes, you need to listen to that small voice saying Slow Down, Go Easy.

Barb said...

Mind boggling what you and the family have been through in the past year. Itis hard to imagine just from reading your blog - and nearly impossible to grasp. What a roller coaster ride you have had, but what a Blessing to see where you are today. God is good and He definitely has plans for you Dee.

Can't wait to see the completed transformation of Lake Farm. When you guys do something you do it BIG.

Lots of love,

Sandra_B said...

A year ago you wrote me an sms saying that you will have to go to CT. No one knew what will be in a year's we know and I am sure we all are proudly happy to look at you and see someone who has been stronger than anybody of us!

I see again you really do need your "work" - it is good that you haven't lost this esprit...but please take care of yourself!

I would like to see the new farm's always so inspiring seeing you doing all of these things. James and you always have such good I always told you before, I always admired you for this.

Lots of love

Warm here at the moment...Sven and I have taken leave for a week. We didn't drive anywhere, just doing some paperwork, cleaning and tomorrow we will treat ourselves with a nice breakfast in a worries, I haven't found a coffeeshop yet that is able to make me a proper milkshake...miss you and SA.


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