Monday, July 13, 2009

Another week

Well the second last week of chemo is done so only one more week to go. (From 2nd August)I am still feeling all the effects of the Zofran and trying to detox, which is not easy! It takes about a week after the chemo to get back to normal. On Friday was extremely tired, I think the week of chemo hit me. Saturday wasn't much better and all the kids activities didn't help! But luckily, after a good sleep, I felt alright yesterday.

I am pushing on - nearly the end of the race and I don't want to loose it in the last minute! With the opening of a new business and moving home - there is alot to keep me busy. My mind is quite far away from medical issues - for once in 2 years. I am looking forward to starting a new fashion trend this year - I will start with some HAIR. Yes, it would be nice to finally get that on track again! With the cold weather, my leg hair stands about a meter high - but that is not exactly what I was looking for.

I forgot to tell you... when I went for the scan, they gave me this "new style" (in fashionable burgundy) gown to wear into the MRI room. Just put it this way - I looked like Moses (or Noah) I just needed to grow a beard. It was so long but fell short of my extremely skinny white ankles. I had put socks on because I knew how cold it gets in the MRI room. What I didn't know is that they would actually walk me through the HOSPITAL to the x-ray department first, wearing this unsightly gown, mismatched socks and skinny while legs. (Lets not forget cold) My family will testify that I walk really slowly because I take half a step, so I had to run behind her, holding certain parts of my anatomy which usual require some sort of lift. I looked like a child in a Christmas play.

Well I am under a little bit of pressure to finish my last 2 paintings - I don't know where I can fit my canvases once we move! Back to painting at night!

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Anonymous said...

That was so funny! Sorry, Dee you drew SUCH a vivid picture! Perhaps you shouldnt do that!
Now where was your camera at that time?!
At least we are keeping up with the medical trends,
Trust you feeling better with each day and after the last lot of poison has been absorbed, that system of yours will lavish in a detox time. lotsa love Giggling Still Mom

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