Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doc tomorrow

Well off to see the doc tomorrow for the last series of treatment. And as usual I have my doubts if I want to continue. I have had trouble with my ear for a week now. It is buzzing and I struggle to hear out of it. I would say I hear 30 %- 50%. It is a worry, considering that the radiation could kill tumour (good thing) but the massive booster I got was right over my ear.

As I said before, it feels like I have swimmers ear. If I jump up and down I can feel the vibration. Sometimes it feels like it is going to "pop" and other times I get this high pitched noise. VERY VERY ANNOYING. James always moans that Anastasia is like white noise (always talking, listening to music, on cell, tapping - you name it) I feel like I have white noise following me around.

I will talk to the doc tomorrow and if there is any chance that the chemo will damage my ear further, I will not have it. (Big Sigh) I will also collect my scan pics so that I can finally put them on the blog...


Barb said...

Good luck at the Doc - hope there is a quick and easy fix for the ear. I can only imagine how annoying it must be - it would drive me nuts!

Will be thinking about you and praying for good results.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Good Luck - nothing worse than ear problems - takes you off balance totally. I am sure linked to some kind of winter infection, nothing more. I KNOW you are going to totally fine. Hang in there only one more round. All our very special thoughts, prayers and friendship with you

Sandra_B said...

If your senses get battered, it's the worst....hope you'll receive good news from doc and the ears will get fine again. Think of you lots.

Good luck with your very last round...and then...off you go to your new life!


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