Thursday, July 2, 2009

MRI Results

Well I have had good news! It seems like there has been quite alot of tumour death. (I only use the death word if bad things die!) There is still an area that is possibly low grade. They are taking my scans to this new fancy scanning machine to test if there is any grade 3. I am believing that I will only get good news.

Dr Dupper is going to speak to a few other specialists to see what they have to say. So nothing is cast in stone as yet. I also have to courier the scans to Dr Butler to see what he thinks. The tumour death has meant some fluid built up in the wound site. This can cause scar tissue and affect seizures...but to me its is good news showing that there is death. There doesn't seem to be swelling or odema. You can actually see areas where the radiation blocks have killed cells. This is because the death bits are semi rectangular! (Plus its along my booster area) I will wait till I get more news and opinions before I can make my future plans! They will also give me a CD copy so that I can put some pics up on the blog.

More good news - I thought I still have 4 sessions of chemo but I only have two. So my last chemo week will be 9th August - Then I am DONE - YAY!!! I didn't even fight / moan with him about doing it. I was just so excited to hear the good news about the scan and that it chemo was mearly 2 more sessions! This means when we open "The Grove" (more news about that later) I won't have to have any chemo!

The other good news (it comes in 3's) It is James & my wedding anniversary tomorrow. What a year it has been. This journey was started 2 weeks short of a year ago. We have so much to celebrate and have achieved so much in the past year and in fact, in our whole marriage. (in all areas of our life) Even with all the hardships, we have no room to complain. Its time to count our blessings and look at all that has been done for & by us.

I believe that our faith in God, the support and love from you all has carried us through. I know that I will have to spend years monitoring this, but that is ok if I can get on with my life and put this treatment behind me.
Thanks guys for your prayers - See it works!


Anonymous said...

I am a little too choked up to find words. God is SO good, you have been great, James is a solid
standby and yes, so much has been achieved.
Thank you and the family for such a stunning year despite the deep valley you have walked through. What a view from the other side.
Lotsa love

Anonymous said...

AMAZING, FANTASTIC, THANK GOD. Well done D - what a road it has been and through it all an inspiration to us all. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for tomorrow - we will drink a toast to you and the year that has been and the many happy years to come.
All special love

Anonymous said...

I will include some of the responses I have received to blog info:
Hi Lynn
This is Great news. Our God is Great.
Many blessings to you, Deirdre and all the family.
Rowan Jacobs

Anonymous said...

2. This is such wonderful news - God is good!
Bev Hancock (you went to her mom's art exhibition)

3. Dee’s art development is really exciting – please congratulate her on my behalf.Thanks for the update Lynn – great news God bless Nigel Waters

4.Thanks Lynn - It is good to hear that things are going well and that she is so incredibly positive!
Everything of the best!
Regards Gerrit Venter

5.Thanks so much for letting me know. I have lost the address for Dee's blog and was meaning to phone you. Please send it to me again.
Take care Sanette Worthington

Anonymous said...

6. Hi Lynn & Alan
Wonderful news!! We hope this will be a powerful testimony to the
Lord's mercy and glory.
What a wonderfully positive person Dee is in the face of this
adversity. She certainly is a lesson to us all.
Please give her our love
Jan & Peter

Anonymous said...

7. Hi Lyn
Thanks for posting this on to us. I really appreciate it.
Please give our special love to Deirdre and tell her that we rejoice with her in this good news.
Alan and I will continue to pray for her and pass on any important prayer requests to the prayer chain.

Please congratulate James and Deirdre on their wedding anniversary and tell them that we trust that they will have a very special celebration tomorrow.
May God bless them abundantly in the future.

Lots of love to you, Alan and the rest of the family, too.

Anonymous said...

A VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dee and James! You are a role model of a productive, loving and mature marriage. Your wisdom, consideration, love and direction is a testimony to what love can achieve. We are so proud to call you OUR family!
Thank you both for being so fully YOU.
All our love
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

8. Thanks Lynn so much for this! Thank you Lord! . . . for this surely is GOOOOOOOOOOD news!

I have missed so much of Dee's blog and have decided to set aside a day in my life to just read through everything.
When is she going to convert all 'her writings' in a book? That surely must be her next project! Please encourage her to do the 'book' thing Lynn.

Hey, when's tea?

Lv, Julie

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