Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nearly there

Well I have one more night till I finish this round of chemo. If I take Zofran, all is well - I will deal with the side effects later. I only have one more round of chemo then I am FINALLY finished! It will be great to have that lifted off my shoulders. This time I have just had the treatment "in the moment" I only think about it when I have to. I am too busy planning my future now and the next stage in my life.

James' grandmother died last week and the funeral is today. We think it was for the best as she was quite old and had been in hospital for a long time.

My Gran has asked if I will talk at the church once my treatment is finished. I have been on prayer lists all over the place and she would like me to thank everyone who has supported and prayed for me over the past year. I automatically responded "Yes" which is quite unusual for me considering I attend church irratically. I think it is time I give back a little. A bit scary though!!


Anonymous said...

So many people need encouragement, good news stories and your journey through the past year is just that, Dee!
Nearly there! Lotsa love Mom

Anonymous said...

I think that is a great idea to share your experience - here comes a new direction - motivational speaker with a book - can I be your manager ?
A blessing that J's granny slipped away - she was ready to go. Will think of you today

Barb said...

So sorry to hear about James' granmother. Even if you know the end is near, it is sometimes very hard to accept. Hang on to the good memories.

Dee you will do just fine in your speaking engagement. You are a natural.

Hope you and the family have a great weekend.

Lots of love,

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