Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A hair affair!

Hi all - I said to James that it is so strange not having chemo or even having it in the back of my mind. It is a huge relief. It literally feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It also makes me a bit scared (which I never expected) as I don't have that "defense wall" anymore. Even if I know that the chemo was also doing damage to my healthy organs.

About the ear - all fine, just a build up of fluid. Suched it out and voila! I could hear clearly. I tell you I have had to adjust my hearing again - it was SO loud!

You won't belive it but I have had 5 random people come up to me (in different places) and comment on how beautiful my hair is! What the hell do I say? The first person I just said "Thanks" the 2nd and 3rd asked how I got it that way and I told them it was a wig. Much to their surprise. Then we started a long conversation on brain tumours. The 4th & 5th I mearly said "It was done as a project in Johannesburg by Revlon" I didn't want to spend an hour talking about having a brain tumour! Not too far off the truth! The doctors have both told me to take the wig off now as my hair has grown back. BUT I am just waiting till the "booster" section has grown a bit more. It is actually so easy having a wig, it is going to be hard to go back to the "old" way! (Never though that would happen either)

Another suprise - the hair around the booster spot has come out BLOND! Plus it is real baby hair. So strange. So not only do I have different sizes, colors, curls and texture - I have a baby spot. Well I look at it as a new beginning around my tumour area - a fresh and "clean" start. Like I said - I will wait a bit till it grows out before loosing the wig. I don't want to look like some 80's hair style - burn my bra - chick (which I would NEVER do - I have had 3 kids!)

My advice to anyone going through this - get a wig, it helps with self confidence. Don't worry if people you know, know its a wig. The other was is that people you don't know, know you have cancer. My personal view was that it really isn't nice to feel branded wondering around and I would rather not do it!


Anonymous said...

Hey I would also want to look like Cameron Diaz - don't want the chemo part but the wig sounds FUN ! So chuffed the ear just fluid - thought may be the problem - the other is having teens - they are sooo loud !! Enjoy this new chapter - it promises to be very special and a very blessed time in all your lives.

Anonymous said...

Happy Women's Day again, Dee. I think we are all left thinking a wig could really work for us.
perhaps you could hire them out!!
Lotsa love

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