Monday, August 17, 2009

A monkey & me

This weekend we celebrated our friend Kevin's 40th birthday at the Pumba Game Reserve. We all arrived at 12, went for a short game drive to the main lodge, had lunch and then settled into our chalets. It is absolutely beautiful and a real spoil. At 3:30 there was a game drive with sundowners and snacks before our black tie evening function at 8pm. I elected not to go on the game drive after my HORRIBLE experience with dune bashing in Dubai. I don't think driving in bushvelt for 3 hours is going to do anything for my head.

Anyway, I snuggled into my bed with a book while overlooking a magnificent view of mountains and game. The chalets are isolated and surrounded by glass windows - hardly any brick walls. I fell asleep and after a while heard this "Crash" I jumped up and found a monkey had run through the sliding doors, past my bed and into the bathroom. He was trying to get out but kept bashing his head against the windows that make up the flat. He threw my stuff around and defecated all over (nerves on his part) I locked him in the bathroom and tried to gather my thoughts. I opened the front door which was on the other side of the chalet and reasonably secure. I ran back and opened the bathroom door for him and ran out the front door. Eventually after crashing around the bedroom, he got out. Back inside I rushed to close the doors. The place smelled terrible. Luckily I just had to call reception and they came to clean up. I wondered around for an hour while then polished the room. SO, I had more "game" then those on a game drive!

The party was great and the guys got to see all the Big 5 game and a few others too. A wonderful weekend, the friends went a bit crazy not having kids around, they could party all night! Happy Birthday Kevin!

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