Monday, August 3, 2009

Scan results

Well I am finished with chemo. I elected not to do the last round and didn't get too many hassles from my doc or my husband! I need to have my ear checked out...Its time to celebrate!!! I must admit, it was a bit of any anticlimax. I was expecting for feel great - but I just feel the same as yesterday! It was nice to know that I didn't have to swollow those HORRIBLE things! So this is me - one year later and fit and flourishing! To think I was actually on death's door this time last year! VERY bizarre.

I have alot on my plate and quite excited about getting back to normal. This month is going to be busy! This past week I worked quite a bit - I took a bit of strain. I have realised that I just can't work like I used to. I put so much into it in the first 2 days that it took two days of sleeping to let me recover. I had a headache with it so I didn't feel happy at all! That is not going to happen again I am afraid! From now on, afternoon naps are a must. I think that I am a little paranoid now, after going through all of this, that it could happen again... I will just keep praying that it wont.

Here are some pics from the scans. The area that used to be "the gap" where I had the surgery is now filled with dead tissue and liquid. You will see a faint black outline where this is happening. If you look at the grade 2 that's left, it is smaller than what there was in January. I am very much a layman, but this is what I can see. Leo looked at the pics and said to me "That is very beautiful Mommy" - interesting point of view! I need to send it to Dr Butler now for his opinion. Click on it too see it a bit larger...


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC NEWS !!! WOW I cannot believe how far you have all come - as a family. I am SOOO proud to be part of your family to ! I am no doctor but the best part of the scan for me is the eye balls ! I love them.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Personally after having a Craniotomy…I had my Amydiglea, hippocampus, and right temporal removed in 2001….due to a growth and seizure….I lost a 6 figure job (now totally disabled), I lossed my fiancee (still single at 46) , unable to handle stress, social interactions,etc. Most of my family disowned m due to my drastically change personality….
Next time…Forget it…pull the sheets over my head and let me drift away in a happy Vicodine place of mind…
Life sucks after surgery….NEVER MORE

Anonymous said...

To the second comment, we, as Dee's family, give glory to God for His answer to prayer. We are thrilled Dee, in her research, came up with a conservative surgeon. And we are saddened by your story because I am sure you are not alone. I wish I knew what to say. It must be very hard.
Dee's Mom
PS Which country do you live in?

Anonymous said...

Dee, many lessons learnt through this past year. Lots of love

Sandra_B said...

To the 2nd commentator...the words you say sound really, really hard and it must be painful to have experienced what you have gone through! I only can imagine that people who love you were unable to deal with the pain that you had /, it's not an excuse, it's actually sad. But I am sure there are people around you who desperately love...who just don't know how to show you. Sometimes we are strange creatures.

I know I also don't know you...but now that I read and also reply to your comment, I wish I would.

If you need someone to talk...let me know. You deserve to be treated for who you are. You seem to be a very profound person...just like Deirdré.

Hope the best for you.

Sandra from Germany

Sandra_B said...

Dear Deirdré,

it has been a long year!!! I have to admit. But I am so overwhelmingly happy that we do live in August 2009 now...and not in August 2008.

You are so blessed with the whole family you have! They are so great!

Lots of love

Ella, Sven and miss you guys so much!

Camilla said...

They do say that life is a journey not a destination. Your journey has certainly been an interesting one in the last year. Keep up the positive spirit as that seems to have definitely helped you through. Does the blog stop now? Hope not!! LOL from the Wimbledon gang xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Deirdre. You must be so relieved it is over. The scans look so much better. Difficult to tell what is dead tissue though but from the reports it sounds good. Sent james an email a while back but I guess he has been pretty busy latel & may not have seen it. Well good luck with the ned ventures sounds like a good move for you both. lol rob & jen

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Deirdre,
I am the lady who told you about the meals people and dropped off a meal for you once. I often wonder about how you are getting on and am glad to see that you are still hanging in there. The scans/x-rays were really interesting and I also thought the ones with the eyeballs amazing. May this be the end of the treatments and faith and positive thinking help shrink anything that is left. Moment by moment cherish the life and love you have and know that you are special and loved.
Gail Hayes

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