Monday, September 14, 2009

A church service

Yesterday, I spoke at my Gran's church to say thanks for all the prayers and words of encouragement I have received over the past year. I wanted to talk about how (I believe) powerful prayer has been in my life. I was a bit nervous chatting to all of them. I do get emotional sometimes when I speak so I have to take quite a few big breaths. Overall it felt good.

I had to remind everyone it was a joke when I said "An important thing for me is not to put my finger in my brain hole" The shock on some peoples faces was extremely amusing. The minister also joked with me before the sermon saying "your talk mustn't be better than mine" my retort - "if you want a good talk - get your own brain tumour"

I did have a seizure on Saturday - very irritating but definitely related to sleep. I have been quite bad lately. Isn't it funny how people with epilepsy are so blase about a seizure - "oh my dear, it was ever so inconvenient."

I printed out just the text of my blog and not including any comments or pre-website crash and there are 59 full A4 pages! My Mom and James are suggesting that I write a book - I may consider it...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your talk, Dee. It has been an emotional journey despite your handling it so logically. Luckily you explained the jokes!!!
Sleeping is a challenge. With barking dogs, midnight moanies from Leo, good dvds, late chats, alarming fences etc it is hard to sleep!!!
Keep warm and get that chest better! LOVE from MOTHER

Anonymous said...

YES you need to write that book - I have LOVED sharing your journey with you and you have a very special way of telling/sharing it.

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