Monday, September 7, 2009

I have my hair back

Well I finally have enough hair that I don't need to wear a wig. Obviously not as much as I would like, but some none-the-less. I could wear my wig longer (which would be easier) but this is my victory statement. Beaten a brain tumour! I will go blond again (give it a few weeks to rest out) It took a few days to get used to the cold again! But now I seem to have adjusted.

I have hardly been on the internet, let alone my blog for the past 2 weeks. We have moved house! What a job because the "new house" is still being built. So we are staying with my folks until we can get in. We are renting our old house for a few months - I am not quite ready to let it go just yet! This past year has been a financial strain with me not working, global crisis and medical costs! BUT it is over and I can start getting back into normal life. The kids are all in one room and I actually think they enjoy it. It is great for us because when Leo wakes up at night, he just turns to Anastasia and says "Put my blanket on" Which means we don't have to get up. Well what else could my royal son expect. His sister is not at all impressed.

My poor dog is missing his golf course and has become quite a celebrity. Three of my neighbours have offered to keep him. We just can't think of doing that unless completely necessary. He has to contend with a big doberman (who thinks he is a little white snack) at my Mom's place so he is kept indoors till the dogs can adjust.

On the first couple of nights staying with the folks, we had to get used to the farm noises. James & my father were both on alert. It was quite amusing (although not pretty) how they ended up wondering around at night in their underwear with rifle in tow. Such manly men!


Anonymous said...

How far have you come ! New hair, new house and if come back to gym - new muscles !! I am soooo proud of you !Can't wait to come and see the new home ! LOL Dav

Sandra_B_Germany said...

...I am though sad, we won't see your "old" home when we are in PE again...hope you settle in quickly...and by the way, you were right saying you just look like me with your new hairstyle when we first met!!! That's why I have to say you look soooo pretty and sexy!!!


Barb said...

Love the new hairstyle - I agree with Sandra, VERY SEXY!

Seriously, you are looking great.

Glad you are settling in on the Farm, just don't like the sound of semi clad men walking around with guns.

Lots of love,

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