Thursday, September 17, 2009

A plump affair

Well being off chemo and the like has definitely been good for me - so good that my hips are the evidence. James loves to grab them and point them out - very VERY bad husband. I think that with being off medication, my body is taking a break. That or my love for cake / biscuits is showing. (in my cheeks - butt and face) The pendulum is swinging! NNNOOO....

I can't wait to go to gym, my body is crying for it. My family are a bit paranoid as I have had a cough and a runny nose for a 2 weeks and it doesn't want to let up. My mom wants to rush me off to the doctor - I have had enough of them for a lifetime and would rather stay at home. I feel better today at least.

We are still staying with Mom and Dad because "The Grove" is not ready yet. (it is progressing nicely though) I am not planning on going anywhere till they are done building. Living on a building site is terrible. Sorry for the folks --- "jy wil mos"


Anonymous said...

Gym waiting for you ! Let him enjoy those hips - shows how far you have come. As one gets older you need some 'natures botox' otherwise the wrinkles take over.

Daria said...

Just had a look at your slide show ... oh my.

Anonymous said...

Poor folks!!! Grandkids to hug and tease every day, daughter home, son on hand to answer a million questions... life is tough!!

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