Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smoky Car

Well yesterday - amongst the flurry of end of the month payments - my car smelt smoky. At first I thought there was an outside bush fire. I realised that it was actually my car! I thought it was the brakes were going to give in. I even had visions of my car exploding or us dying of smoke inhalation! So I took it to the service centre at Renault - in South African style waited 2 hours to find out what was wrong!

I took my anti-seizure medication early - I was worried that I might have a seizure as I hadn't eaten and was tired.

It turns out there was grass in my car and it was smouldering under the heat of the exhaust and engine! Between my bad mood, bill, frustration at waiting and them having to remove the bumper just to replace a fused light bulb on my front indicator - I called James to come fetch the car so that I could fetch the kids from Gran. Now what do I do - I have grass ALL OVER the farm. At least now I know the cause.

I think that if the car manufacturers want to test their vehicles - they should just drop a few off here - putting it in a controlled environment is not like real life at all!

I love the Toyota bakkie (pick up truck) story where they left it in the sea overnight and then drove it out the next day - now that is an African car!

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