Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a week

This week has been crazy (I suppose like the rest of them!) Kids are on holiday (well only the boys) Ana is on holiday next week! So we have over 3 weeks of holidays. So no break from early drop off to school. (although Mom helps alot) I have been working on a project for a year now ... we are doing tourist maps of South Africa especially for the Soccer World Cup in 2010. We are hoping to launch on Friday - well pushing at least. Soon I will really need feedback from you...

The building of the coffee shop is taking longer than expected. We are getting the teams in for longer now so that we can push the times a bit better. At the end of the day its just pay pay pay. We better make money!!

No seizures - yay! The "flu" actually seems to be allergies. Being on a farm in spring is not helping the cause! I do enjoy having the space though. I am looking forward to rewarding myself with a shopping spree sometime soon! A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do! Have a good week - d:)

4 comments: said...

Still living life in the fast lane you lot! Love reading all about it - you write so well. Looking forward to the book version! Craig's rule for building is "twice as long, twice as expensive". Hope you can prove him wrong on this project! Holding thumbs you can get the mess over with asap and start ringing that cash register. Think maps for Soccer is a fab idea. Definitely lacking in most countries. CJxx

Anonymous said...

Really glad you enjoying the space, Deirdre!
Camilla, we certainly hope not 'twice as expensive!!!'
Having Paul on site is saving a bundle.
James keeps the momentum and Dee, you nag so well! Together you guys are doing a great job.
Love Mom

Natalya said...

Sounds like you are one busy lady! Glad to hear you are having a break from seizures, I am sure that helps a lot! :-)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Relax and have fun. Kind regards from Cyprus. Philip

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